Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 9: weaning off Paxil.

The beginning of the day was easy, breezy. I thought, this is easy. Then the evening came. I realized, life is hard without an antidepressant. My life is more difficult than I thought. Paxil was sugar coating, and covering up a lot for me so I didn't deal with anything. But this evening it hit me, being married is difficult. I had no idea my life was this crazy. lol that is what I thought today. Now, I calmed down and realized nothing in this life is guaranteed anyway. Shouldn't hold on to it so tight.

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  1. I pray that you are feeling better. I had weaned off of anti depressants before, if Paxil is what you were on, then there are better ones that don't make you feel like that. I have been on it before too. Have your Dr try a different one. I use a small of a different one now, and I am so happy to be on it. Marriage is difficult, but shouldn't be unbearable. I felt like I should be off anti depressants, too. But after 3 months of crying, I realized I need to be on something. Some people just have an imbalance, and it is okay to treat that.
    Bless you,