Friday, March 23, 2012

Honesty, the best policy, when you have your own business. Yeah!?

The guy that sold me his car out of his lot said "It was so cheap because it had a broken head gasket". He said this a month later, after we told him he has two choices: Repair it. Pay for all of the repair. Repair it correctly. We'll come in, and watch your mechanic. Option #2-Full refund. Option #3 Get sued, we filed a complaint with Federal Trade Commission. He broke a few laws. We had a free consultation with a lawyer. Well, he didn't tell us upfront, and that is illegal. I printed the law up, and showed him. So, he had to fix it for free. So not only did we get a low mileage, almost new car, he had to fix it for free. He is reaping his dishonesty. He lost money. That is what he get's for being dishonest. I have to report him, so he doesn't do this to someone else. Well, he will, but I'd like to try to prevent it. Do my part. He lost out on his money, all because of dishonesty. I wonder if he'll learn????

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