Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mommy got a big ol' butt. Weight loss blog.

This is me today, weight in 170 :( last year, I was 140. what happened? :(
chunky. don't like it. I did an hour of Tony Horton's p96x Ploy-metrics. This work out kicks your butt. This is a workout that will make you look good in your jeans. You feel the difference the next day.
Drink this drink, if you muscles feel sore, and weak during a work out. It helps.
This work out is great if your pear shaped, bottom heavy like I am.... My goal weight 125. Yep! I like to eat, let's see if I can get there. I think I have a mesmo/endo morph body type. I hope Mesmo muscular because it's easier to lose weight.

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