Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My journey weaning off Paxil.

Day 1. March 14 2012. Day after my daughters 6th bday. I've decided to wean of Paxil. I think what made me wean, is that I am gaining weight, and feel famished all the time. I am overeating like something else. Probably because serotonin has something to do with controlling your appetite.

Today I feel quite stoned, dizzy, and weak. I do feel silly, and happy... I think I've been on this meds too long. I am a very healthy person. From now on, I am going to take care of my emotional, mental, and physical health. I believe I can go without this med, as long as I don't let people walk all over me, and I am true to myself. Take negativity as unproductive, with a grain of salt....

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