Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The life of raising a leader. A strong spirited one.

She looks very sweet, and yes she is. She's very friendly. But she is very assertive, and strong. I don't think I need to worry about her being bullied. ever! This is my first born. She is very focused. She knows what's up. You can't tell her otherwise. She has an answer for everything. We'll be walking to school. She'll stagger behind, doing her own thing, picking dandelions, talking to herself, having an imaginary dialog. It serves no good, and is a waste of your breathe to say things like "come on", "You're going to be late". This leader type of child doesn't understand. She is so focused on what she's accomplishing, that your requests seem miniscule, meaningless. I'm not walking with you, I have my own agenda. These kind of children require a different approach. They often get labeled as "not listening" or "not cooperating". This isn't true. Their brains are working so hard at what they are doing and learning. She's very Kinesthetic, (hands on) and creative. They can't stop and follow. My 2nd born will. Don't discourage the strong willed leader. They will be something great one day. You can really teach them to use their traits for something great as well. Saying "you never listen" "You don't stay with me" doesn't help. She never listens to me. I have to have a creative, intelligent approach for her. Saying "come here". "watch out" don't work, she is so focused. You have to say Alissa look at me, in the eye. What do you think will happen if you don't stay with mommy? Go in the street? Talk to strangers? She'll say something very creative. Tell her you need to stay safe by staying near me, and later you can play your imaginary games out at the park. She needs plenty of her own play time at the park, or in her room, to exercise her creativity in her life. She thrives on doing crafts. She needs this outlet. If she doesn't have it. Her behavior isn't so good. If she gets many opportunities to practice her creativity, and do her own thing. She does awesome. She is going to be a powerful dictator, of a large country. She is going to rule it with kindness, and honesty. She is very sweet. However, she's going to expect her people to follow her, and only her every step of the way.

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