Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Spring Cleaning".

I get the saying now. Before I didn't. I was thinking who wants to clean when it is so nice outside? This saying is ridiculous, and annoying. Now I want to get rid of all my junk in my house. Spring is a time to start over, so I want to get my house organized better. OK, now I understand this saying. I'll donate it all my junk. The house will look much better, and my closets won't be full of junk. I can just leave it outside, and in this neighborhood, if you don't want something, someone will come along, and take it within an hour. It's nice. Got junk? don't want it? Put it outside. They'll take it! :) Awesome. I can always donate to the ARC. I guess we have that saying because we like to "store up" for the Winter and hibernate. Then when Spring comes, we wake up, start fresh, and want to rid of what we don't need.

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