Monday, March 19, 2012

weaning of Paxil

Most of the time, I feel really good. I think it was the Paxil causing anxiety. I think my biochemistry is normal, I need to work on emotional/environmental that causes it. That is healthier, because it always comes back, and I need to deal with it. I think that since I've been taking it on and off again for 10 years, I reach a threshold, where it no longer works, and I end up in bed for two months. I can't take something that has a hold on me like that. It's like taking drugs, but prescription. It's like it controls you.

I say my biochemistry is normal, because, my blood work is normal. I read that fish oil, (omega 3 fatty acids), and flax seed oil, increase serotonin. Also, if I get anxiety, I can take 5htp, but I'd rather use cognitive behavioral therapy. Exercise increases serotonin. I gained weight, probably because "the drug" quit working on me. Well, I am going to try fish oil, 3 times a day, and flax seed oil, along with exercise.

I started taking Zoloft, when I had Isabelle. I acted anxious, because I had a c-section awake. I could see what was going on in the reflection in the ceiling, because they has a glass mural of nature. Then the next day they gave me Zoloft. I guess I felt I needed. I felt relieved of depression, and anxiety, and lost tons of weight. When I think about it though, I can do this for myself. Changing my thoughts, applying self control, diet exercise, eating right. Well, the past is the past, and now I can change.

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